About Us/Our Story

Ovation Learning is a co-owned business with my wife that is the culmination of years of marriage, integration of industry experience with academics, and servant leadership. This business has 3 components that enlighten minds and ignite potential with AI.

A journey begins with one step and many ideas over time.

A journey begins and is marked by milestones that lead to trying to solve solutions for those around you. Ovation Learning is the culmination of struggling with mathematics in the 8th grade to becoming a college professor in computer information technology. 

As I have continued my journey in higher education many things become apparent. There is tension between degree programs and certification. There is a mentality that one size fits all. 

Another observation was that course development is complicated and conventional wisdom requires a degree as well as sponsorship from an accredited institution. 

Businesses are constantly being developed and there are many companies that are out there that will help and many are successful. Humans in general take what they know and teach others that way but what if we taught in the way that the founder learned and assisted accordingly?

How do you know if the information you are using to further your education has value? It begins with trust and somebody who has walked your journey.

As a parent of 6 kids with multiple interests and skills their journey has given me an insight into the rankings that were useful.

As an idea person, I think a million ideas a day but my wife provides the foundation in order to effectively implement the ideas. 

With AI the efficiencies that can be gained are necessary to support your personal and professional life. It is becoming a must for business.

Our Journey to Ovation Learning

  • Juris doctorate (JD) from the University of Washington.
  • 8 years as an office manager for a k – 12 charter school in Colorado.
  •  Two years as a contract manager at WNS.
  • Organizational wizard.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-triplett-064059283/
  • Bachelors in Organizational Management with a project management minor
  • Founder and CEO of the Academic Behavioral Health Council.
  • Founder and Executive Director of the Jacob Emerson Mental Health Foundation.
  • 15 plus years’ experience in the Colorado Student Mental Health field.
  • Lobbied and Advocated for Mental Health Colorado, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, and Mom’s Demand Action.
  • Survivor Lead, media spokesman, and national speaker for Mom’s Demand Action.
  • Currently applying for the Master’s program in Systems Thinking at CSU and the Chief Strategy Officer program at Wharton Executive Education.
  • Masters in computer information technology : Database Design.
  • 40 years experience  in  information technology working for IBM, Verizon and various software companies. 
  • 15 years in higher education.
  • University AI leadership committee.
  • Dreamer and big idea guy.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/bren-triplett/

We are excited to work in tandem to provide our customers access to the most sought-after technical certifications and offer collaborative coaching and course co-creation services to help bring their products to market. With the assistance of AI more is possible but guidance shortens the learning curve.